Maryn Azoff

Why we need to find our voice...NOW

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Maryn Azoff is a long time singer, musician, Spirit lifter, Soul emancipator and fear crusher. She has been on a mission of connecting people all over the world to the power of the human voice for many years and does so through a unique program and healing modality she created called ‘The Vocal Transformation Method” The goal of her work is to reawaken the innate intelligence of the body-mind-spirit connection through the faculty of the human voice.

A student of Tibetan Buddhism, Mestizo Shamanism, Egyptian mysticism and Yoga along with classical voice training, Maryn’s approach to the voice is a merging of many paths and vocal techniques used to discover and activate the potential of the voice. This power, which we all possess, has been used by all cultures since the beginning of our existence for healing, connecting and manifesting the physical world. Maryn’s life work is reconnecting the human race with their innate birth rite and celebrating the power of their very own voice.

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